Mr. Clarence E. Crocker Work Biography

Mr. Clarence Crocker, a life long Glendale resident, has furnished us much interesting information to use on this website. We have asked Mr. Crocker to tell our readers a brief story about his work life and he has been kind enough to furnish the following.   

Hi, since I have furnished some material to Mrs. Teaster for this web site, let me introduce myself by telling you that my name is Clarence E. Crocker and that I live just outside the city of Spartanburg, South Carolina.
Though my paternal grandfather and father were born in the Glendale Mill village in the 1800s, I was born on a small farm where I have lived most of my life located just about a mile from the Mill. My great grandfather, grandfather, father, uncles, aunts and brothers have all worked at Glendale Mills. I joined Glendale Mills in 1948 as Personnel Consultant/General Manager of the mill store and it’s concessions later taking supervision of the machine shop and engineering department. Information about my maternal grandparents is shown at the McCombs Family.

Before joining the workforce of Glendale mills, I was Glendale Postmaster. I served some 10 years as a Trustee of the Glendale school district and two years on the Spartanburg County Board of Education.

I served some 14 years as Treasurer and Deacon of the Glendale Baptist Church where I taught S.S. classes for some 16 years. When I left Glendale Mills in 1958, feeling the call, I began to prepare for the Ministry which I entered in 1962. After preaching the Gospel of Christ for some 37 years, I went into full retirement about 2000. (Click on this link to read about Mr. Crocker's entry into the ministry.)

Today, I am enjoying the “golden years” of life, watching the sun slowly set, trying to put into print some memories for my family and friends, taking care of my wife’s flower gardens consisting of dozens of roses, rhododendrons, azaleas, dogwoods, a water fountain and a small fish pond. I am also raising a garden, “ahem” consisting of  three tomato plants, two cantaloupe plants and two cucumber hills. God had blessed me with a rich and full life for which I am eternally grateful.

We have found that many visitors to the website are using the information to do research on their family's history. Recently, Mr. David Brown found lots of information in one of Rev. Crockers stories about his Glendale  ancestors. He sent Rev. Crocker a very nice Thank You message about what he had discovered. We would like to share it with our readers as an example of the the impact of Rev. Crocker's stories. This was what we hoped to accomplish when we started the Glendale website.You can read Mr. Brown's note at Thank You.

The following web pages are based on the information that Mr. Crocker has given us.
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