The Family of Frank P. and Louise Greer Bates

Census Enumerators listed names and dates as they understood the registrant who oft times had little or no education which led to numerous errors in names, dates and ages. I have tried to copy the census as recorded, where errors occur, I apologize. Death certificates are not available in Spartanburg for years before 1917 and Obituaries have not been put on microfilm for the years 1924 through 1929.

The 1910 Spartanburg District 90 listed the household as;
Frank P. Bates married Louise Greer.
Frank and Louise had been married 7 years and were the parents of 1 child.
 Frank P. Bates 31, husband/cotton mill                             Wife; Louise 28
Child; Earline 4

The 1920 Spartanburg/Glendale Census listed the household as;
Frank Bates 41, husband/cotton mill                                Wife; Louise 38
Children;     Earline 14                  Walton 9                     Sarah M. 2 years, 11 months

The 1940 Spartanburg/Glendale Census listed the household as;
F. P. Bates 61, husband/cotton mill                                  Wife; Louise 58
Child; Sarah Margaret 23

 Frank and his family lived at #1 Mill Street, directly in front of the Mill office for many years until they bought a home and small acreage on the Glendale /Whitestone road where they lived until their death. Frank was supervisor of the Mill Belt shop. The Bates were members of the Glendale Baptist Church, highly respected and appreciated in the Glendale Community.

Frank and Louise are buried in the Glendale Community Cemetery.
Grave markers;   Frank P. Bates; June 2, 1878=July 18, 1949
                            Louise G. Bates; October 14, 1881=July 21, 1949
This writer was honored to have a part in their funeral services.

Earline Bates never married. She went to New York where she trained and served as a Nurse for many years. For the story of her life click Medical Story.
The family of Walton Bates, son of Frank P. and Louise G. Bates;
The 1940 Spartanburg/Beech Springs (Arcadia) Census listed the household as;
Walton Bates 29, husband                                             Wife; Maggie 28
 Child; Caroline 4

 No other records were found.
The family of Sarah Margaret Bates, daughter of Frank P. and Louise G. Bates. Sarah (Peggy) Bates married John Y. Dupre. For family story Click Glendale Mill Personnel.

All Census and Spartanburg Herald Obituaries courtesy of Spartanburg County Library.

Clarence E. Crocker, May 1, 2014

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