Willie Tunstall
  Story furnished by Clarence Crocker

Driver Held In Traffic Death Of Glendale Resident
A corner’s jury ordered Charles (?), 25, of Victory Homes, Camp Croft, S. C. held for further investigation in the Sunday afternoon traffic death of Willie Tunstall, 44, a Glendale textile worker.

Such were the sub-topic headlines of a two page article appearing in the Spartanburg Herald on Monday November 3, 1947, marking the 32nd traffic fatality of the year in Spartanburg County. (Last name of driver withheld to avoid embarrassing any living relative).

According to the article it appears that the accident occurred near Camp Croft on State Highway 34 (now listed as Union Street) approaching the Spartanburg city limits. Investigating officers were S.C. Highway Patrolmen Frank Burris and Joe Price, Sheriff Brockman and county officers R. R. Souther, Jess Murph and Ray Hayes. 

Testifying at the inquest held at the County Courthouse by Coroner A. M. Cash, Patrolman Burris related how he had found Charles’s (?) car, a 1941 Buick automobile parked at Victory Homes with front damage about two hours after Mr. Tunstall had been struck and killed. He stated that “Charles (?) was lying on the bed asleep and had the odor of alcohol about him when he was arrested.

Mr. Burris also told of his conversation with Charles (?) and how he had confessed to Sheriff Brockman and himself that he had taken a drink about 45 minutes before the accident. He said that he and two other men had together, drank about half a pint. Charles (?) confessed ownership of the car and admitted that he was driving at the time of the accident. He confessed that he did not stop because he feared the officers would smell whiskey . He said, “ I got scared and went all to pieces.”

The jurors were told that the driver of the car had slowed down and stopped briefly before driving away. Patrolman Burris testified that Charles (?) appeared very sensible, normal and very truthful at the time of his questioning and arrest. 

Under $4,000 bond, Charles (?) was represented by Attorney John C. Williams while Attorney J. Allen Lambright appeared as counsel for Mr. Tunstall’s family. Circuit Solicitor Sam R. Watt represented the State. Sheriff Brockman, Records Custodian, Troy Steadman and Detective Jesse Murph were also in attendance.

Funeral services for Mr. Tunstall were held on Tuesday November 4, 1947 in the Glendale Baptist Church with interment following in the Glendale Community Cemetery with Rev. Timothy Hottel and Rev. W.R. Carter officiating. 

His obituary published in the Spartanburg Herald stated that he was survived by his mother, Mrs. Ona Tunstall Millwood and his step-father, Charles Millwood of Carline Street, Glendale; two daughters, Mrs. Leona Donald, Saxon, S.C. and Miss Betty June Tunstall, Glendale; one son, William Tunstall, Glendale; one brother, Woodrow Tunstall, Glendale; three step-sisters, Mrs. Irene Moss, Arcadia, Mrs. Guynell Hill, East Spartanburg and Mrs. Grace Arlington of Glendale; four half brother C. L. Millwood of Glendale, Ollie Millwood of Gaffney, Paul Millwood Arcadia and Dave Millwood of Waynesville, N. C; He was also survived by 2 grandchildren.

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