John Williams
(Glendale's Magistrate)
Story furnished by
Clarence Crocker

It appears that John H. Williams was perhaps Glendale’s first Magistrate and that he served for some twenty years. According to records I found in the Spartanburg County Library, his salary was two hundred dollars ($200.00) per year. Census records were taken as the Enumerator understood the registrant which oft times led to many mistakes in names and dates. I have tried to copy as recorded, where errors occur, I apologize.

The 1900 Spartanburg Township Census listed the household as;
John H. Williams 59, born April, 1841/Magistrate         Wife; Ellen E. 57, born February, 1843
Children;            Jessie B. 23, born September, 1876/assistant boss weaver
                         Bertie 21, born November, 1878/daughter in-law
                         Rufus H. 21, born February 1879

 The 1910 Spartanburg/Glendale Census shows they had been married 46 years and were the parents of 9 children, 6 living. The household was listed as;

John H. Williams 69, husband/Magistrate                     Wife; Ellen E. 67

The 1920 Spartanburg/Glendale Census listed the household as;

John H. Williams 78, husband/Magistrate                  Wife; Ellen E. 76

(John Williams was a Confederate Veteran of the Civil War. To read more about his service and to see his photograph, click on John Henry Williams. To read his obituary click on J. H. Williams Death Notice.)

The Family of Jessie B. Williams, son of John H. and Ellen E. Williams;
The 1910 Spartanburg/Cowpens Census shows that Jessie had been married 10 years and was the father of four children. The household was listed as;
Jessie B. Williams 34, husband/boss weaver                 Wife; Birdie C. 32
Children;         John F. 8         Ellen 7         Annie S. 5         Ophelia 2

The Family of Rufus H. Williams, son of John H. and Mary Ellen E. Williams;
The 1910 Spartanburg/Woodruff Census shows that Rufus had been married 8 years and was the father of 3 children. The household was listed as;
Rufus H. Williams 30, husband/boss spinner             Wife; Mary 29
Children;         Barthwell 6         Olson 4         Clara 19 months//

Click on John Henry Williams Biography furnished by Jay Adams to read about  his other children.

Jay Adams, the great grandson of John Henry Williams, has furnished a genealogy chart for John Williams showing some of his ancestors and his children. Click on Family Chart to read this.

The following photos were also furnished by Jay Adams.

Williams - Sutton Wedding

In November, 1899, "Broad" (Broadus) Williams, son of John Henry and Ellen was married to Miss Bertie Sutton. They are the grandparents of Jay Adams and he has furnished us the Spartanburg Herald newspaper account of this elaborate wedding.

Williams tombstone at Putman Church in Union County, SC.

All Census records, courtesy of the Spartanburg County Library.
Researched and written by
Clarence E. Crocker, August 2013

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