The Hottel Trio of Glendale

The following story about  the Hottel Family and Trio  was furnished by Rev. Clarence Crocker, a life long Glendale resident. Thanks to David Hottel for assistance with the photographs.

The “Hottel” Trio, composed of the Reverend Timothy, Grace and David Hottel, a very talented musical family, came to Glendale for their first time in 1946 as part of an Evangelistic team.


The Reverend Timothy Hottel was given a “conditional” call on May 11.1947 to serve as Pastor of the Glendale Baptist Church.  The Church, by unanimous vote, elected him  part time Pastor on July 6, 1947.  His salary was set at $32.00 per week.

Timothy Hottel, the son of the Rev. Titus and Kathryn Kauffman Hottel, was born October 1, 1910 and was a native of Central Valley, Pennsylvania. He received his education in Allen Town, Pa. High School, Philadelphia School of Bible and Furman University.

As a young man, Mr. Hottel operated a grocery store in Allentown before answering God’s call to Christian ministry. Before leaving Allentown he had organized and directed the Allentown Youth Christian Center, having over 1000 in attendance on special occasions.

He married Grace Held on January 1, 1932. Their son, David was born in 1934. In 1939 he, his wife and son formed the “Hottel Trio”, traveling extensively in the United States and Canada, giving concerts and assisting in revivals.

In Mobile, Alabama, he assisted the Associational missionary in organizing seven Southern Baptist churches, one being the Riverside Baptist Church which ordained him into the Gospel ministry in March of 1944, calling him as their pastor. After serving there for two years, the Hottel Trio joined the Jessie Hendley Evangelistic Team in 1946, serving until Rev. Hottel received the call from the Ben Avon Baptist Church, Spartanburg, S.C. as part time Pastor and Glendale’s “conditional” call. He served as co-pastor of both Churches until he was called as full time Pastor of Glendale Baptist on October 19, 1947.

During his ministry the Church experienced tremendous growth, numerically, spiritually and physically. When Rev. Hottel began his ministry at Glendale, average Sunday School attendance was 187. On Easter Sunday 1953 we had 602 present for Sunday School. More than 1000 had been added to the church membership before his retirement. Five young men of the Church, including this writer, were ordained into the Gospel ministry under his ministry. Additional land was purchased, a new Sanctuary and parsonage were built, a two story addition was made to the educational building. Numerous other improvements and additions were also made during his time at Glendale. Numerous missionary programs were established and supported.

While serving at Glendale he assisted in the establishment of the El Bethel Camp meeting. Being a wonderful vocalist, he served as song leader of the Camp meetings for 50 years, resigning in 1999. He was secretary of the Spartanburg Baptist Association for some 26 years.

Retiring in 1984 after serving 37 years as Pastor, Rev. Hottel was elected Pastor Emeritus of the Glendale Baptist Church. Following his retirement from Glendale, he joined the staff of the Westside Baptist Church of Spartanburg, retiring as Associate Pastor after some 15 years of service.

Having lived in the Church parsonage since coming to Glendale, his wife having died, Rev. Hottel built a large new brick home on the Glendale/Clifton road just above the Cedar Crossing into which he moved and was living at the time of his death. 

Rev. Hottel died October 19, 1999 at the age of 89. His obituary published in the Spartanburg Herald and Journal, Oct.21, 1999, page B4, stated that he had died early Tuesday morning at the Valley View Terrace after a short illness. He was survived by his son, the Reverend Dr. David T. Hottel and his wife Thelma, three grandchildren, five great grandchildren, one great-great granddaughter, one sister and one brother. Funeral services were held at the Glendale Baptist Church, October 23,1999 with committal services at Greenlawn Memorial Gardens with his son, the Reverend Dr. David Hottel being in charge.

Mrs. Grace Held Hottel, born in 1912, was the daughter of Clarence C. and Anna Bogan Held of Allen Town, Pa. She received her education at the Allentown High School, the Johnson school of music in Allentown, Pa.  and Converse College of Spartanburg, S.C.

She was a member of the Glendale Baptist Church for 15 years, having served as the Church Organist and taught Sunday School classes. She organized  the Vacation Bible school, serving as Superintendent  for many years. She also served as the principal organist of the El Bethel Camp Meetings. She was an excellent vocalist and musician, being able to play proficiently, the piano, organ, marimba, xylophone and accordion. She taught music at her home.

Her obituary published in the Spartanburg Herald stated that she died at 4:45 P.M. Sunday February 13, 1972 at the Spartanburg General Hospital following an extended illness. Funeral services were held at the Glendale Baptist church. Interment followed in the Greenlawn Memorial Gardens. She was 59 years of age and was survived by her husband, the Rev. Timothy Hottel, her son, Lt. Col. David Hottel and his wife, three grandchildren and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Held of Allentown. Pa. She and Rev. Hottel had been married 30 years.

David Hottel, the son of The Rev. Timothy and Grace Held Hottel was born on Sept. 3, 1934. Coming to Glendale at the age of twelve, David thrilled and amazed the people by his musical and vocal talents. David became a masterful instrumentalist as well as a great vocalist.  He played the piano, organ, marimba, xylophone and accordion.

David began his education in elementary school in Philadelphia, Pa. and for a short while in Detroit, Michigan. Due to their extensive travel, his mother, Grace Hottel began tutoring him at home at mid 2nd grade level and continued through the 7th grade. Caught up in the transition of the Glendale School district, he first finished Jenkins Junior High, then attended Spartanburg High until the district merged with Pacolet at which time he finished his high school education at Pacolet High. He attended a special program at Converse Conservatory as a high school student after which he graduated from Furman University,

After teaching at Pacolet for a short while, he entered the Army in January 1956 with the rank of second Lieutenant. He attended the Command and Staff College and The National War College, having Colin Powell as a classmate.

David was ordained into the Gospel Ministry on June 2, 1957 at the Glendale Baptist Church with his dad, Rev. Timothy Hottel officiating. He did ministerial work while in service in the Canal Zone, Vietnam, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., Ft. Holibid, Md. and in numerous churches.

While in service, in 1969, David purchased and presented to the Glendale Baptist Church a set of chimes for the organ, adding much to the musical program. Serving for more than 30 years and after having numerous commands, David retired from Military service with the rank of Colonel, March 31, 1986. He earned his Doctorate at UCC. in 1993.

David married Thelma Arms, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Arms of Spartanburg, S.C. They have three daughters, four grand-children and 5 great grand-children.  Reverend Dr. David Hottel and his family now live in Stafford, Va. and is serving as Senior Pastor of the Hellendale Baptist Church, Woodbridge, Va.


The Hottels were a compassionate, loving and caring family. Words can not express the influence they had upon the Glendale Baptist Church, the lives of the people of Glendale and the surrounding communities. Only eternity will reveal the full impact.
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