Commodore P. Lindsey, Civil War Veteran

Story furnished by Clarence Crocker
(Editors Note: In this case, Commodore is Mr. Lindsey's first name, not a military rank.)


According to copies of C.S.A. Muster roll records which I have, Commodore R. Lindsey of Bivingsville (Glendale) S. C. was enrolled in the Co. A 1st Confederate Regiment, Georgia Volunteers in Macon, Georgia on April 11, 1862 by Corporal Adealovold. He was 16 years old and was enlisted by mistake under the name of Commodore (P) Lindsey. His original enlistment was for I year but he reenlisted for an additional 3 years at a later date.

This Company was formerly Company A. 36th (Villepigue’s) Regiment, Georgia Infantry and was changed to the 1st Regiment Confederate Infantry also known as the 1st Confederate Regiment, Georgia Volunteers by S.O. No 25 A and I.G.O. dated January 31, 1862. About April 9, 1862, the 1st Regiment, Confederate Infantry, the 25th, 29th, 30th and 66th Regiments, Georgia Infantry and the 1st Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters, were consolidated and formed the 1st Confederate Battalion, Georgia Volunteers which was paroled at Greensboro, N. C. on May 1, 1865.


The July/August 1864 Muster Roll listed Commodore (P) Lindsey absent, being sick in the General Hospital, Macon, Georgia. A report dated April 30, 1865 from Headquarters, 1st Brigade 2nd Calvary Division, Macon, Ga. showed Charles P. (Commodore R.) Lindsey had been captured in Macon, Georgia April 20th and 21st, 1865 by the 1st Brigade, 2nd Calvary Division of the Union Army. This report with name correction was respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions, State of Georgia, Atlanta. Signed by (signature illegible), The Adjutant General. 

Shortly after the war, Commodore R. Lindsey married Miss Amanda Bell Humphries, born on February 18, 1857. The 1900 Federal census tells us they had been married 32 years and had become the parents of thirteen children, eight had died and five were living, three at home with their parents. The census listed Commodore R. Lindsey, head of the household, living in Glendale, S. C. with family as follows;

Commodore R. Lindsey, 53 years of age, born in September 1846, a lawyer.

Amanda wife, 49 years of age, born in February 1857, a housekeeper.

Summer C. son, 19 years of age, born in March 1881, a cotton mill worker.

Sylvester son, 13 years of age, born in December 1886, a cotton mill worker.

George W. son, 8 years of age, born in September 1891.

Their son James William Lindsey, born in July 1870, had been married 6 years to a lady named Ollie, born in January 1877 and they were the parents of two children; Whiteford, born in February 1895 and Virgil, born in March 18, 1897.

Their son Martin Van Buren Lindsey, born in March 1878, had married a lady named Emma, born in December 1877 and they were the parents of one daughter, Geneva, born in December 1899. 


The following information was taken from their grave markers.

Amanda Bell Humphries Lindsey was born February 18, 1857 and died July 25, 1915. No funeral arrangements were found. Interment was in the upper Glendale Cemetery just below the upper entrance roadway. While I found no records of her survivors, obviously her husband and his survivors listed below were her survivors also.

Commodore R. Lindsey was born September 8, 1846 and died November 26, 1927. Survivors were 4 sons; Sylvester. George, Summer (Summey) and Martin V. Lindsey, all of Glendale. No funeral arrangements available. Interment took place in the upper Glendale Community Cemetery alongside of his wife.


My appreciation to Mr. Ray Price, Commodore’s great grandson, for supplying the pictures and helping pull the story together. Census and war records, courtesy of Spartanburg Library. 

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