Mr. and Mrs. William Simpson Morris Sr. and Their Descendents
Story furnished by Clarence Crocker

William Simpson Morris Sr. was born December 24, 1817 and died December 4, 1903. (grave marker dates) He is buried in the Crocker Square located in the Glendale Community Cemetery on the left side of the upper driveway about center of the Cemetery. A wrought iron fence surrounds the square. His father was James M. Morris born in 1875. No records of his death or of his mother. 

William Simpson Sr. was married to Chancey Coggins Morris, born in 1823. (Census dates) She was the daughter of Robert Coggins and her grandfather was John Coggins. In 1877 they were the owners of some 300 acres of land on the old Georgia road just outside the village of Glendale. According to census records, they were the parents of seven children. 

While the date of her death or place of burial is not recorded, it appears that she is buried beside her husband and son in the Crocker square. 

Not much credence should be given to census ages as they vary from census to census. Obviously round figure dates were oft times used. 

Sara J. ; Born about 1844,,,-census date, no other records at hand

T. Robert; Born about 1846-census date, no other records at hand

Mary A. ; Born about 1850. census date, no other records at hand

William Simpson Morris Jr.: Born June 3, 1859 Died May 31, 1902. (grave marker dates). No records of marriage or family. Still living with father at age 21 which was unusual in the 1800 and early 1900. He is buried in the Crocker Square along side of his father in the Glendale Cemetery. 

Jackson B. Morris; Born in October 1861. Census of 1880 listed him as 18 years of age and living with father and farming. at age 18. 

Census of 1900 showed Jackson as having married, 38 years of age having been born in October 1861. His wife Hilda? was 38 years of age having been born also in October 1861. They were the parents of 6 children; Robert 16, B-Sept.1883;William 15, B-August 1884; Ethel? age 12; daughter 10, B-October 1889; son 7 B- April 1893; daughter 4 B-1895; Names and dates of some were not legible. 

Census of 1910 shows Jackson B. living in the Pacolet township with his wife and 4 children, a son in law and one 4 year old granddaughter. Dates and names not legible. 

Eiza Frances Morris born October 21, 1848 married Albert (Abb) Wylda Crocker, a native of Glendale who was born September 7, 1847. (my grandparents) 

They lived in their two story colonial home built on a small tract of land on the Glendale/Clifton road adjoining the Glendale Mill village. They also owned 139 acres of land on the Fernwood/Glendale road. 

Albert W. (Abb) Crocker helped install the first cotton drill loom in the Bivingsville/Glendale cotton mill and served as weave room overseer for a good number of years. Albert W. and Eliza Frances Morris Crocker became the parents of five children. 

Elmond Earl Crocker; (B;12-3-1871=D;4-13-1915) Born in home on Broadway street in Glendale Mill Village Wife; Ida Spearman Crocker Lived in their home on small farm on Glendale/Clifton road. Earl is buried in Crocker Square in Glendale cemetery Ida remarried (Lee Ledford) and is buried in Kings Mountain, North Carolina Children; Farrell, Venice and Elmond Crocker


Mary Alice Crocker; (B;11-11-1876=D;6-4-1967) Born in home on Broadway Street in Glendale Mill Village. Husband; James Mitchell Allen Purchased and lived in their home on Winsmith Ave. Spartanburg, S. C. Both are buried in Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, Spartanburg, S.C. Children; Emma Jeanette, Clarice Elmer, Mitchell Dalton, Fannie A, James T. and Alice Naomi Allen

Emma Drexie Crocker; (B;10-1-1880=D;9-18-1899) Died at age of 19 after suffering stroke following attack of typhoid fever. Born in home on Broadway street in village of Glendale Buried in Crocker Square, Glendale Cemetery

Susie Jane Crocker; (B;8-27-1885=D; 6-11-1957) Born in home on Broadway street in Glendale Mill Village. Husband; Charles B. Corn They lived in mill village until after her mother’s death at which time she inherited the Crocker family home place as her share of the estate which was located just outside the village of Glendale on the Glendale/Clifton road. Both are buried in the Crocker Square in the Glendale Cemetery. Children; James Herman, Loyce Elliotte, Charles William and Frances Loucretia Corn. 

Albert Esmond Crocker; (B;2-23-1890=D9-28-1974) Born in home built by his parents on the Glendale/Clifton road adjoining Glendale Mill village. Wife; Ella McCombs Crocker They built a home and lived on a small farm on the Glendale/Clifton road about one mile above Glendale Mill. Both are buried in the Crocker Square in the Glendale Cemetery/ Children; Juanita, Louie E., James V., Paul R., Albert W, Clarence E. (this writer) and George S. Crocker. 

Albert Wylda (Abb) Crocker died at his home on April 9, 1926. Funeral services were held in The Glendale Baptist Church. Rev. J. D. Baily officiated with interment being in the Crocker Square in the Glendale Community Cemetery. He was survived by his wife and two daughters, Mrs. Mitchell Allen and Mrs. Charles Corn; one son, Albert E. Crocker. 

Eliza Frances Morris Crocker died November 29, 1930. Funeral services were held in the Glendale Baptist Church, Rev. C.P. Holland officiating. Interment was beside her husband in the Crocker Square in the Glendale Cemetery. She was survived by three children; A.E. Crocker and Mrs. C. B (Susie) Corn, both of Glendale, Mrs. J. M. (Alice)Allen of Spartanburg. Also a sister, Mrs. Tallulah Burdett of Greenville, S.C., nineteen grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. 

Amanda Tallulah Morris; Census of 1880 showed that she was 24 years of age and had married Monroe Burdett, 25 years of age and that they were living with her father in Glendale. 

Census of 1900 listed Monroe at 45 having been born in March, 1855. Amanda was listed as 44 having been born in September 1855. It also showed that she and her husband were living in their own home and were the parents of 8 children but only 4 were living. Willie V. born January 1882, 18 years of age; C Maude born March 1884, 14 years of age; Clara I. born December 1885, 14 years of age; Marvin born November 1896, 3 years of age; It showed they had been married 21 years. Monroe was listed as a slingmaker?, Amanda a housekeeper, Willie a weaver, C. Maude and Clara I. were both listed as cotton mill spoolers. 

Census of 1910 showed Alford Monroe and Amanda Burdett living in Gaffney, S. C. along with their son, Marvin. Monroe was listed at 55 years of age, Amanda at 54 and Marvin at 13. It listed Monroe and Marvin as farmers. 

 Census for 1920 listed Monroe and Amanda at 64 years of age and Marvin at 23. It showed Monroe as a cotton mill employee and Marvin as a cotton mill weaver. This writer remembers visiting in their home in Gaffney with my dad on a couple or so occasions. While I have no dates of their death, I believe they died in the late 1930s. 

(All names and dates taken from family records, census records, obituaries and or grave markers. Researched, compiled and written by Clarence E. Crocker, great grandson of William Simpson Morris.. February 2011.)

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