Coates Family 

The following newspaper article on the  Coates family is shown  with the courtesy of Clarence E. Crocker of Glendale. The article originally appeared in the Spartanburg Journal in 1949 .


Personal Note from Web Master Mary McKinney Teaster -
I'm so glad to see this picture of people I've heard about all my life. Thanks Clarence for the gift. Francis Coates mother, Elizabeth Flinn, was the sister of my great grandmother, Charlotte Flinn Corn, who I never saw.  Mr. Coates tells of riding in a wagon four days to the Spartanburg area.  I wonder if it was the same wagon he went to the Spartanburg depot to pick up my Great Grandfather Corn and his family and brought them to Glendale. (See the Corn Family Story.) The family story goes that someone gave my Grandmother, Addie Lee, then age 15, some spirits and she sang all the way to Glendale. Oh, how I wish I had asked more questions and had a better personal picture of these people .
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