An Analyses of the 1900 Census for GLENDALE, SC

Story furnished by Clarence Crocker.

The Glendale Post Office was officially opened on April 19, 1878. Since I did an analysis on the last census taken at the Bivingsville Post Office in 1860, I felt it proper to do one on the Glendale Post Office for the year 1900. The census was taken by W. H. Chapman June 13-16, 1900. The company was listed as “The D. E. Converse Company”. Dexter E. Converse, who had been President of the Company for many years, had died at his home in Spartanburg. Albert H. Twichell was President in 1900 and was living in his new home he had built on Pine Street in Spartanburg, S. C. 

The census listed 113 households, a gain of 43 households. 638 persons were counted in the 1900 census which was a gain of 241 persons. 339 were white females while 299 where white males. The 1860 census listed only 2 black males and one black female. The 1900 census listed 93 blacks, 42 black males and 51 black females. None were listed as factory workers. They were listed as day laborers who could have been with the mill, cooks, laundress; one was a butler and one a Black Minister. 174 of the total population were under the age of twelve. 235 were listed as factory workers with only 7 listed as farmers, which was a real drop from the 1860 census.

The census shows some marrying at very young ages. Children as young as eight were listed as working in the factory. Death rate was high as many if not most families had one or more children dead. Many homes had boarders ranging from factory workers, overseers, bookkeeper to Medical Doctor.

The following persons were listed in the census as leaders in the factory or community:

Second Hand and Section Man were assistant overseers. Silas Smith was listed as Superintendent of Glendale Mills; Silas Smith, head of household, 47 years old, married 26 yrs. Margaret Smith, 46 year old wife, mother of 13 children, 11 living at home; Benjamin, 22 year old son.A farm laborer. Silas, 18 year old son.A factory worker. Jamie, 16 year old son.A factory worker. Harry, 11 year old son in school. Essie, 8 year old daughter. Waller, 6 year old son. Luther, 4 year old son. Charles Williams, 21 year old nephew. A factory worker.

George Prior was listed as Spinning Room Overseer; George Prior, head of household,27 years old, married 6 years. Corrie Prior, 25 year old wife, mother of one child. Bessie, 4 year old daughter. Carrie Prior, 26 year old single sister of George Prior, factory worker. Sarah Lemaster, 65 year old Aunt.

Willie Hames was listed as a Factory Second Hand; (Assistant overseer) Willie Hames, head of household, 33 years of age, married 12 years. Sallie Hames, 31 year old wife, mother of 5 children, 4 living. Myrtle, 8 year old daughter. Winnie, 5 year old daughter. Fannie, 2 year old daughter. Mable, 8 month old daughter. Mr. Hames was promoted to Overseer shorty after this census was taken.

James Solesby was listed as Section Man; JamesSolesby, head of household, 21 years of age, just married. MaricaSolesby, 23 year old wife, no children. Jessie, 16 year old brother, single, factory worker. Joseph, 14 year old brother, single, factory worker, Richard, 12 year old brother. Clarence Coates, 17 year old boarder, single, factory worker. Charley Coates, 14 year old boarder, single, factory worker. Linda Lewis, 45 year old white cook.

Eager Yates was listed as a Section Man; Carrie Smith, head of household, 43 years old, divorced, 6 children, 5 living. Carrie Yates, 19 year old daughter, single, factory worker, Eager Yates, 18 year old son, single, Factory Section Hand. Macarley Smith, 15 year old son. Cromer Smith, 13 year old son, in school. Douglass Smith, 10 year old son, in school.

Edgar (Actual name was Edward) Brown was listed as Factory Section Man; Edgar (Edward) Brown, head of house hold, 28 years old, married 5 years. Ida Brown, 25 year old wife, mother of 2 children. Hiram, 4 year old son. Florence, 1 year old daughter. J. B. Lewis, 48 year old boarder listed as Factory Section Hand.

J. M. Padgett was listed as a Section Hand; J. M. Padgett, head of household, 39 years old, married 16 years. Alice Padgett, 35 year old wife, mother of 2 children. Edger, 14 year old son, factory worker. Milton Padgett, 12 year old son, factory worker. Lucy Collins, 16 year old niece, factory worker. Doctor William Smith, 32 year old, single, Village Physician. Elbert Pettit, 30 year old, single, Mill Store Bookkeeper.

William F. Andrew was listed as Second Hand; William F. Andrew, 32 years old, married 14 years. J. P. Andrews, 32 year old wife. Mother of 6 children, 4 living. Emma L., 12 year old daughter. Thomas, 6 year old son. James, 4 year old son. Lucy E. 10 month old daughter Nannie Jenkins, 20 years old sister in-law.

William Gossett was listed as Section Man; William Gossett, 30 year old, married 20 years Ella Gossett, 32 years old, married 20 years, mother of 6 children, 3 living. Levi, 14 year old son, day laborer. Willie, 6 year old son. Viola, 1 year old daughter. J. S. Poole was listed as a Second Hand; J.S. Poole, head of household, 33 years old, married 12 years. Etta Poole, 35 year old wife, mother of five children, 4 living. Mammie, 10 year old daughter, factory worker, Eugene, 8 year old son, factory worker. Virginia, 3 year old daughter. Fanny, 1 year old daughter.

Stafford Mills was listed as a Black Minister. Stafford Mills, 40 year old head of household, married 20 years. Purdie Mills, 34 year old wife, laundress, mother of 10 children, 5 living. Tom, 19 year old son, day laborer. Edgar, 13 year old son, day laborer. William, 15 year old son, butler. Elisha, 12 year old son, day laborer. Ocelia, 5 year old daughter. Charley Estes, 19 year old boarder, single, day laborer.

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