Lloyd Fisher, Glendale Resident
Expires in Local Hospital

Story furnished by
Clarence Crocker

Such was the headlines of a Spartanburg Herald news article dated Friday, November 3, 1933.
Excerpts from that article stated that; “Lloyd Fisher, 25, found unconscious on the roadside at East Spartanburg early Thursday morning, died. He was hurt on the head and internally. So far as known by hospital attendants, his injuries were yet a mystery.”

Excerpts from a news article appearing in the paper on November 4, 1933 stated that; “How Lloyd Fisher, 25, of Glendale suffered the injuries of which he died before dawn Thursday remained a mystery last night. A Coroner’s jury investigating his death had returned a verdict in the afternoon that the youth died at the hand of a person or persons unknown to the jury.”

According to Constable J.P. Bolton, the youth (Lloyd Fisher) told them at the hospital that he had come to the county fair with several companions, that he became separated from them at the fairground had started walking home. On the Union road just beyond Duncan Park, he met three Negroes who smelled of whiskey and trouble followed, one or more of the Negroes striking him.

The youth said that he continued on toward his home in Glendale until he was struck by a large car about midway between East Spartanburg depot and the Country Club. The accident was said to have happened about 3 o’clock in the morning.

Survivors were; his wife, Mrs. Louise Fisher; a small son, Jimmy Lloyd Fisher; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Fisher of Glendale; one brother, H. Fisher, Gastonia; six sisters, Mrs. W. B. Lindsey, Glendale, Mrs. L.M. Melton, Marion, N.C., Mrs. Ben Sentell, Glendale, Mrs. E.M. Moss, Saxon, Mrs. Earl Pearson, Drayton and Miss Catherine Fisher, Glendale.

Funeral services were held at the Glendale Baptist Church with interment following in the Glendale Community Cemetery with his mother and father.

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All Spartanburg Herald Journal articles courtesy of Spartanburg County Library.
Researched and written by;
Clarence E. Crocker, September 2013

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