Glendale News Stories from
Spartanburg Herald - July, 1914

Story furnished by Clarence Crocker

Glendale Methodist Church Observes Annual Children’s Day
(Story from Spartanburg Herald on July 9, 1914)

The annual Children’s day exercises were held here at the Methodist Church Sunday night. The children had been practicing for some time and carried out the part of the program well. The following program was carried out before a crowded house;

Song; “Come Thou Almighty King” Congregation standing.


Recitation; “Welcome” by Margaret Brown.

Recitation; “The Call of Children” by Roy McKinney.

 Recitation; “When We Grow Up” by Yuther Neighbors and Inez Fowler.

Recitation; “I Love Him” by Sallie Gossett.

Song; “Co-Laborers”

Recitation; “The Strongest Thing” by Ruth Sanders.

Recitation; by William Murray.

Recitation; “Like A Sunbeam” by Idelle Varner.

Recitation; “What Would You Do?” by Yuther Neighbors and Cleo Humphries.

Pantomime; “Holy, Holy, Holy”

Recitation; “Children Carols” by Melton Haway Recitation; “I’m A Very Little Child” by Florence Ella Harvey.

 Exercise; “Floral Cross” by class of girls

Song; “The Way of The Cross”

Offering; Recitation; “We Praise Thee” by class of boys.

Recitation; by Clara Cohn and Cora Smith.

Recitation; by Miss Jennie Lockman.

Song by the children.

 Pantomime; “Abide With Me”

 Recitation; “Babies” by Annie Holder.

Recitation; “ To The Cradle Roll Babies” by Irene LeMaster.

Cradle Roll Exercise.


 Glendale Social News from the Spartanburg Herald, July 10, 1914

 J. H. Hunter spent Saturday night and Sunday at Greenville.

Our community was visited Monday by one of the best rains we have enjoyed this summer. The rain fell in torrents for about an hour and was accompanied by a good deal of thunder and lightening.

Mr. J. M. Morris died at his home here Monday about noon after an illness of only a few days. Mr. Morris had lived here practically all his life and was a well thought of and respected citizen. He leaves one brother and one sister, also two children, both of this place, to mourn his loss. The funeral services were conducted at his home Tuesday at 11 O’Clock by Rev. C. P. Carter, Pastor of the Methodist Church after which the remains were buried in the new cemetery here.

I. F. Danicatt (Darracott) and children from Lexington. N. C. visited relatives at Glendale.

M. L. Walker returned Monday from Greenville where he visited relatives for several days.

Mrs. L. W. Kidd of Paw Creek, N. C. and son George E. Kidd of New York, have been visiting here at the home of Mrs. Mary Danicatt. (Darracott)

A goodly number of voters attended the campaign meeting in Spartanburg, Saturday. Miss. Mary Holt’s Sunday School class of the Methodist Church composed of young women, enjoyed a picnic at Cedar Springs Saturday July 4. Several young men were invited and they went out in a wagon and carried dinner. Miss. Helen LeMaster carried her Kodak and made pictures. They returned in the afternoon after having a delightful time.

Miss Lillie Thompson of White Stone, spent Sunday here as the guest of Miss Bessie Corn. 

(Webmaster Notes: The Roy McKinney that gave the recitation in church was my uncle. He was 5 years old at the time. He died in 1985 at the age of 76. The Miss Bessie Corn who was visted by Lillie Thompson of Whitestone was my great aunt. She was 18 years old in 1914 and died in 1973 at the age of 77.)

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