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The following information on the  Crocker family is shown  with the courtesy of Clarence E. Crocker of Glendale. The story is told of the Crocker lineage from Clarence's great grandfather, William Wilburn Crocker,  through his own children.

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In 1977 my late brother Paul compiled an extensive history of the Crocker family which he had collected over several years and was  backed up by legal documents, U.S.1790 census of Spartanburg District, copies of S.C. Archive affidavits, family records, maps, obituary records, and grave marker pictures. The history goes back to the areas of Devon, England from which our forebears came. He has a copy of the coat of arms given to Sir John Crocker by King Edward IV in 1475. He tells us that the earliest records shows that the Crocker name was derived from their occupation, “crockery”. They were makers of earthen ware.

The census of 1790 shows six Crocker families living in the Spartanburg District. One family is listed twice meaning that only five families consisting of 6 adult males above 16, 5 males under 16 and 15 females for a total of 36. I have no idea how many live in the Spartanburg area today, we have been quite prolific.
With these few remarks about the Crocker forefathers, I shall now limit my report of the Crocker lineage as it relates to the Crockers of Bivingsville/Glendale and to Albert Esmond Crocker, my father, as found in our family records, his and his father’s family Bibles which I hold, and was told by him, to his five sons.

William Wilburn Crocker, (1817-4;17,1889) my great grandfather, the son of Anthony Crocker (1759-1847) was born in the Bethesda area which lies a short distance across Lawson Fork River from the area which later became known at Bivingsville. He became a factory worker in the Bivingsville Mfg. Co. shortly after it started production (1832) and moved into the village shortly thereafter, late 1830 or early 40s, placing him among the first mill workers and village residents. He and his wife Nancy, were buried in the Bivingsville cemetery which was located at the side of the Bivingsville Community Church which is the present location of the Glendale Methodist Church Building. They had six children.
The 1860 census shows;
William 42, a factory worker; Nancy (his wife) 41;  Anthony 22, a mail carrier who died in the civil war; Angeline 20, a factory hand;  William 17, a farm laborer who died in Civil war;  Elizabeth 16; Albert, my grandfather 13; Susan 10;

Albert Wylda “Abb” Crocker, (Sept.7,1847-April 4, 1926) my grandfather. was born  in Bivingsville and married Liza Frances Morris who lived near the village.  He helped start the first cotton drill loom in the Bivingsville/ D.E. Converse Co. mill and was boss weaver for many years. He and his wife are buried in the Crocker Square in the new Glendale Cemetery. They had five children, two having been born in their home on Broadway street in Bivingsville, three on Broadway street in Glendale, the village name having been changed in 1875-76. (records show two different dates) The Post-office did not change it’s name until 1878. Their children were:
Elmond Earl Crocker (Dec. 3, 1871-April 13,1915) was born on Broadway street in Bivingsville, He married Ida Spearman. He is buried in the Crocker Square in the new Glendale cemetery.
They had three children.
Loyce Farrell, born Mar.17,1901 on Church Street in Glendale. He married Carrie Belle Walker. They had three children. Earl, Dean, and Charles.

Venice Alberta  was born on Church street in Glendale,Nov.25,1902 and was  widowed  three times and remarried but had no children.
Elmond Earl, born Feb.29,1908 at their new home on their farm on the  Glendale-Clifton road. He married Fay Coates of Glendale and was killed on the job as Spartanburg City electrician when the pole he had climbed fell, killing him instantly on July.25,1934. They had no children. Fay remarried. He is buried in the Crocker Square in the new Glendale Cemetery.
Mary Alice Crocker, ( Nov.11, 1876- June 4, 1967) was born on Broadway  street in Bivingsville, She married Mitch Allen, moving out of Glendale and they had seven children.
Corine Elizabeth Allen (BSept.2,1898),Married Guy Agnor and had   two sons, Vernon and Raymond Agnor
 Emma Jeanette Allen, (B Dec.22,1900.) Married William Fine. They  had six children. Everette, Ralph, Louie, Allen, Connie and Alice.
Clarice Elmer Allen, (BSept.23,1903) Married William Blackwell. They had  two children, Earl and Joanne
Mitchell Dalton, Allen, ( Dec. 4, 1906). Married Eva Foster and they had one son, Mitchell Dalton Jr.
Fannie Allen, (B June 15,1911) She married Walter Lamar Riddle and  they had one son, Walter Lamar Jr.
James Tremier Allen, (B Nov.30, 1914) Married Lizzie Belle Ward. they had 2 sons, James T. Jr, Donald Ward, three daughters, Jakie Lynn, Mary Ann and Barbara Elizabeth.
Alice Naomi Allen, (B Mar.30,1921). Married Jessie Wood and they had one son, Jessie L. Jr
Emma Drexie, (B10;1,1880-D9;18, 1899) She died at age of 19 due to stroke  and typhoid fever. She was not married and is buried by her parents in the Crocker Square in the Glendale cemetery.

Susie Jeanette Crocker, ( Aug.27,1885-June 11,1944) was born on Broadway in Glendale village. She married Charlie Blane Corn. ( See Corn Family at cornfamily.html) They moved to her father’s house after his death just outside the village above the Baptist parsonage. She and her husband are buried in the Crocker Square  in the new Glendale Cemetery. They had four children.
James Herman, born July 26,1908 in the village of Glendale, He  married Nell Elizabeth Reaves. They had three children. James Dixon,Walter Blane and Launa.
Loyce Elliotte was born Nov.10,1910 in Glendale and married Ruth  Hutchins.  They had no children.
Charles William, born Oct.25, 1914 in Glendale. He married Helen Bell Cudd. They had six children. Johnny, Frances, Judy, Charlotte, Denise and Debra.
Frances Lucretia was born Oct.10,1915 in Glendale. She married Rhett Thomas. They had three children. Loretta , James R. and Charles  David. 

 Albert Esmond Crocker; (Feb.23,1890-Sept.28,1974) my father, was born on Broadway street in Glendale. He married Ella El-Noa McCombs on June 24, 1910. He worked at Glendale mills most of his life. He was also a carpenter and farmer. Ella, my mother, died May 17,1976. Both are buried in the Crocker Square in the new Glendale Cemetery. They had nine children all being born in their farm home on the Glendale-Clifton road about a mile above Glendale village. (The Albert Crocker family had and used a clock that was 200 years old. Click on Clock to read about this.)
Juanita,(B9;29,19D11-1;15,1912) Buried by mother and father.
Louie Eston, (B 6;13,1914-D 2;13,1995) married Marcella Ruth Willis
who died 1;2,1942. They had five children. Raymond Eston, Nancy Evelyn, Floyd Wendell, Mildred Frances and a stillborn child born at Ruth’s death. Eston then married Virginia Nina Hardin and they had four children. Larry Eugene, Linda Dianne, George Edward and Dorothy Marcelle.
Eston started work at Glendale mill, left there entering insurance. He later went to the Post-office where he retired as a Supervisor.
James Vernon, (B6;14,1916D2;15,2002) married Clarice M. Padgett and  they had one daughter, Carol Jane. J.V. started work at Glendale Mills, left to enter air-conditioning, He entered the army during WW2 returning home to become Supervisor of a Refrigeration service.
Albert Leon and George Reon, twins born April 9,1918. Reon died (4;16,1918). Leon died (4;23,1918) They are buried beside their parents.
Paul Revere, (B9;25,1919-D10;19,2000) Married Nellie Geneva Johnson and they had one daughter, Martha Ann. Paul started work at Glendale Mills and left to enter field of insurance. Was in Pacific theater of war during WW2. Returned home to continue Insurance career.Nell died Sept.23,1987 Paul then married Janie Stiouse
Albert Wylda, (B8;8,1922-      ) married Delora Hardin and they had four children. Cecil Lamar, Brenda, Albert Wylda Jr, and Rebecca.  Delora died Dec.5,2008 Albert worked for a short while at Glendale mills, entered dry cleaning and real estate business.
Clarence Edward, (B11;5,1924-          ) married Juanita Seals and they had three children. Judy Marlene,  Clarence Wayne and
Kathy June. Juanita died Dec.21,1994. Clarence began work with H.Lee Smith dry cleaners. He then  went to Sptbg. Post-office and transferred to Glendale as Postmaster. He joined Glendale Mills as Personnel Consultant, Manager of the mill store and it’s concessions, also later becoming Supervisor of the engineering and mechanical dept. After leaving Glendale mills in 1958, he went to Beverage Air as
Materials Controller and Purchasing Agent. While there he began to prepare (1959) for the Ministry which he entered  in 1962 retiring as Pastor of the Fairview Baptist Church in Union in 1987 due to health problems. He married Katherine Mathis Lee Feb.14,1996      
George Smith, (B1;6,1931-D5;2,1932) Died as a result of a drowning accident. He is buried beside his mother and father.

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