Sales of Glendale Mill Assets
Story furnished by Clarence Crocker

In August of 2011, I put together a story of the land and property acquisitions of the Bivingsville Mfg. Co., The J.L. Bomar Co., The D. E. Converse Co and Glendale Mills from 1832 through 1946.  (See Mill Land Ownership). Now it is time to tell “the rest of the story”, the disposition of those assets.

Before merging with Indian Head Mills, Glendale Mills sold all village houses and a few outlying areas which I reported in an earlier story. (See Mill Houses). Having discontinued operations at the Glendale Mills plant, Indian Head preceded to sale all Glendale assets which were not to be moved to other operating locations. I have sought to find the records of all transactions but it’s obvious that some are missing. A number of mortgages and mortgage releases are recorded, I am listing only title transfer deeds. Some twenty odd deeds were issued to or by the Glendale Fire Department and the Glendale Community Churches. Numerous deeds were issued for less than one acre of land, in most instances, these and many other insignificant deeds are not listed in this record. As you will note, in many instances the real estate has changed ownership several times. Though I have listed these deeds in abbreviated form to keep the reading from becoming boresome, I have tried to give enough information so that interested readers could know what land or buildings were involved in each sale or exchange. While some Survey Plats were too large for my printer, I have included all possible.

Due to the number of sales involved, they have been divided up into six groups for clarity and ease of presentation. Click on each Group Number to read it:

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
Group 6

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