Index to Glendale Community Cemetery

The following index for the Glendale Cemetery was compiled and furnished by Mr. Clarence Crocker, a life long Glendale resident. Mr. Crocker started to work for Glendale Mills in 1948. Part of his first job was responsibility for things dealing with the Village and the cemetery was part of that.

First, let me point out that Glendale has two cemeteries. The first was the Bivingsville Community Cemetery located in the heart of the village and is known today as the Glendale Methodist Cemetery. The second, known as the Glendale Community Cemetery, is located about 1/4 mile above the village off the Glendale/Clifton road.

Seeing the need for such, I have begun the mammoth task of indexing the Glendale Community Cemetery. The task is enormous as upward of 1,000s, or more graves are located there. I will be indexing by segments as time and health permit. Each segment will be indexed by alphabet. Some grave markers have become so degraded that names and dates are not legible while others are broken or fallen over. Some graves are marked only by an earth rock. In gathering the data, I make a digital picture of every grave stone, transfer the picture to my computer, enlarge the picture and copy the names and dates. I shall do my best to copy each marker as inscribed. Where I make a mistake, I apologize. Though many are spelled different today, I have tried to copy the names as spelled on the markers. Pictures are not available as all pictures were deleted after the information was taken.

The Segment No. 1 Index includes graves left of the upper entrance driveway plus a small section located on the right side in the U curve.

The Segment No. 2 Index includes a 100 foot strip of graves on the right side of the upper entrance road, beginning at the entrance gate, running to and including the grave under the awning shelter. I have placed a question mark (?) beside names and dates which were not clear. Quite a number were not legible.

The Segment No. 3 Index includes the graves from the lower tip of the cemetery which joins the School District office property, running uphill some 150-200 feet. As in the other segments, numerous grave markers were illegible, broken or missing.

The Segment No. 4 Index includes graves in a 100 foot central strip between the upper and lower road.

Segment No. 4 concludes the indexing of the Glendale Community Cemetery. It has been a huge job. More than 1000 digital images were taken. Some 927graves were identified and have been indexed with 150 (or more) not being indexed due to deterioration making the markers illegible, broken markers or no markers at all, making a total of 1000 plus graves in this Cemetery. The index shows 83 veterans interred in the cemetery with the marker of one killed in action. Though the graves were not laid out in any sense of uniformity, I have sought carefully to make sure that every legible marker was indexed. Wherein I have failed, I apologize.

(It was a sobering experience to reflect upon the lives and death of relatives and friends of the family as I looked upon their graves, many whom I never saw. Then there were my own personal friends with whom I grew up and attended school. Many were born the same year and even the month in which I was born. Such experiences makes one appreciate the blessings of life more than ever. My only hope is that in the years to come, many will be able to identify with their loved ones resting in the Glendale Community Cemetery. -Rev. Clarence Crocker, March, 2012.)

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