Clifton Mill Tumbles Down
  Story furnished by Clarence Crocker

Built in 1887-88 by the D. E. Converse Company, the Clifton Mill No 2 plant which started operation in 1889 is being dismantled. The cotton and cloth warehouses along with a large addition which had been added to the back of the plant have already been demolished along with about a fourth of the main plant. At the zenith of their operations, the three plants at Clifton/Converse had over 1400 employees. The plants were sold to Dan River Company in the mid 1960 but closed all operations in the 1970s. After closing the mill operations, the building was used as a warehouse and enclosed a small manufacturing operation for a few years but has stood vacant for a number of years.

Clarence E. Crocker - October, 2012; January, 2013; March, 2013 and April, 2013

Additional Photos by Gil Edwards

We have recently received the following photos taken just before the mill demolition started.

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