Glendale Proud of Good School
Glendale, SC

Story furnished by Clarence Crocker

The above caption along with the following article appeared in the Spartanburg Herald, Thursday June 7, 1934.

 $40,000 Structure Proves Asset to Community near Hub City. 

The Glendale school in the Glendale school district #39 was built several years ago at the cost of $40,000. It is a large and efficient school. 

Mrs. F. D. Murray of Glendale is Principal. Other teachers are; Mrs. Reba Houser, Miss. Minnie Sanders, Miss. Frances Duncan, Miss. Ruth Keller and Mrs. Irene Allen. 

In the Glendale district there also is the Lewis Chapel school for the blacks. 

Trustees of the district are; Mr. S. J. Dupre, Chairman; Mr. A. W. Gault and Mr. L. S. Wofford. 

Foot notes; The Glendale School was located on Church street in the heart of the community. 

The Lewis Chapel school was located on the Lewis Chapel road about one mile above village.  Mr. Dupre was serving as Secretary and Treasurer of The D. E. Converse Co., Glendale Division in 1934 and became President of the Glendale Division in 1945. 

Mr. Gault was serving as Cotton Platform and Outside Employees Supervisor of The D.E. Converse Co., Glendale Division in 1934. 

"Mr. L.S. Woffod" I believe should have read Mr. Lindsay Swofford who was serving as Bookkeeper/Paymaster of D.E. Converse Co., Glendale Division in 1934.

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