Glendale News Stories from
Spartanburg Herald - April, 1915 (?)

Story furnished by Clarence Crocker

Special to the Herald; Glendale, April 3; (Believed to be in 1915)

The Glendale school is progressing nicely under the leadership of Mrs. O. H. Brown, Principal, Mrs. H. F. Gault and Miss Myrtle Littlejohn, assistants. The school was granted a holiday yesterday on account of Good Friday. The teachers are taking a lot of interest in field day which is to be held in Spartanburg Friday, April 16th.

Mrs. O.H. Brown
Miss Myrtle Littlejohn has been confined to her room with sickness for about ten days. Her many friends hope she will soon be able to resume her duties at school. During her illness, Miss Minnie Sanders of this place, has been filling her place at  school.

 (Picture of Miss Minnie Sanders)

The school will be given an egg hunt Monday afternoon by the teachers.

 (Last class taught in old school 1916.)

Clean-up day was celebrated here on March 24, 25 and 26th. Everyone seemed to take a part and cleaned up their premises and the result can be readily seen by anyone passing through our town. Two-horse wagons were sent around to gather up the tin cans and trash which was piled up in front of the homes and hauled it out of town.

There will be a missionary program rendered at the Wesleyan Methodist Church here tomorrow night. There will be recitations and songs by the children and one of the denomination’s lady Missionaries will probably be present and make a short talk. 

Footnote: Unfortunately the year is not shown but the article plus other records which I have indicate that it was just before or in the early teens of 1900 and probably is in 1915. The reference to Good Friday being on April 2, the day before, agrees with the year, 1915, when Easter Sunday was on April 4. I have records showing Mrs. Brown as Principal and that a Mrs. Lindsey and a young man (name unknown) were her assistants in the early 1900s. Unfortunately I have been unable to find any additional information regarding Mrs. Brown.

Related Information to the Article
Mrs. H. F. Gault, the former Miss Maggie Lillian Thomas, listed as assistant in this article, died at the home of her parents on December 27, 1916 at the age of 29, following a ten week period of illness. Her obituary published in the Spartanburg Herald listed her as the daughter of Mr. W. M. and Mrs. Ann Hale Thomas of Glendale and that she had taught school at Glendale for several years. Her funeral was held in the Glendale Baptist Church where she was a member with interment following in the Glendale Cemetery. Rev. J. D. Bailey who had become Pastor of Glendale Baptist in 1906, officiated at the services.

I have found info which lists a Miss Minnie Sanders, 26 years of age, as a boarder in 1910. The foregoing article stated that “Miss Minnie Sanders of this place“, (obviously a boarder), was serving as a substitute teacher. “Miss. Minnie“, as she was called, became the regular second grade teacher, continuing for some 40 odd years. She was a loving and efficient teacher, loved by all her students. She taught all five Crocker brothers as well as twelve of our children.

Miss Myrtle Littlejohn was a native of Pacolet, the daughter of Cameron and Lady Sarah Warmoth Littlejohn. Her obituary published in the Spartanburg Herald, a copy which I purchased through the micro-film department of the Spartanburg County Library, stated that she was a graduate of Limestone College of Gaffney, S. C. and the Southern Baptist Seminary at Louisville, Ky. Other than Glendale, she taught for many years in the Six Mile Baptist Academy. The North Greenville Baptist Academy and Junior College, The Alexandria School in Rutherfordton, N. C. and the public school in Pauline, S. C. 

Miss Myrtle died on November 11, 1992 at the age of 97. She was survived by two sisters; Mable L. McConnell of Columbia, S. C. and Mildred L Gravely of Spartanburg, S. C. Two brothers; J. R. and Bruce Littlejohn of Spartanburg.

Funeral services were held in the First Baptist Church, Pacolet by Rev. Stephen Stone and Rev. Paul Manis. Interment followed in the Church Cemetery. 

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