Mary McKinney Teaster

My name is Mary Lee McKinney Teaster.  I was born on May 16, 1937 to William A. (Bill) and Hilda Olive McKinney in Spartanburg, SC.  East Cleveland Street, where I was born, and the houses that my grandparents and my family lived in are now a part of the Wofford College campus. The houses have been torn down and there is not even a plaque saying I was born there.  I am now mostly known as Mary Teaster. Growing up, I hated being called a double name and the southern variations on that name (like Merlee). So, as soon as I left the confines of Glendale and Pacolet, I became just Mary Teaster. I am married to Gerald Teaster from Pacolet, SC.

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I am a retired school secretary.  Three months after high school graduation, I became Mr. V. M. Eptingís secretary at the Pacolet Area Superintendentís office. School work got into my blood, partly, because Mr. Epting was such a great boss and instructor.  All my working years have been in an education setting.  After I left the Pacolet School, I worked at the University of S.C. as a secretary in the extension department until Gerald graduated from USC.  I took off 16 years from the outside working world to raise four children while traveling through Georgia, Tennessee and Charleston, SC to finally settling in Summerville, SC.  I went back to work in Summerville in a private school called Pinewood School. When it closed, I moved to the history department of the then Baptist College now Charleston Southern University.  From there, I moved to Dorchester District Two public schools until I retired in 1998.

I have four children, five grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren, all of which I am very proud.  My children are:  Claudia T. Cordray, Teacher Trainer and Teacher;  Raymond Teaster, Chemical Engineer, Co-owner of Brillig Systems; James Teaster, Architect, in Ashville, NC;  Laura T. Vaughan, Middle School Teacher. I consider my secretarial work as a past time.  My career has been having a part in raising these four wonderful people. 

Gerald and I got interested in genealogy many years ago.  We have a web site with the information we have gathered on Teasters and McKinneys thus far. It is addictive and you meet cousins from all over the country.  I, also, have a lot of information on the Corns, Coats (Coats), and  Hammetts.

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