Fourth of July Celebration

The following story is shown with  the courtesy of Clarence E. Crocker. At the time described (about 1953), Mr. Crocker was the Manager of the Mill Store.                                

It was the custom of Glendale Mills to celebrate with their employees and their  families, along with the community at large, two special holidays of the year, Christmas and the Fourth of July.

On July 4th week, we observed the holiday with fun and frolic at the Glendale ball park which was located about a quarter mile above the village on the Glendale-Country Club road. The ladies, as well as the men, played baseball. We had the sock hop, the greasy pig chase, giving a reward to the one who caught and held the pig. Then there was a greasy pole with a twenty dollar bill waiting at the top for the person who conquered the grease to claim the prize.

One year we had a “womanless” women’s basket ball game among the men in the new gymnasium. That was a top notch show with the “women” being real humdingers as you will agree after seeing the picture.

Our purpose was to give the employees and their families a real feeling of belonging  and to make them proud to be a part of the larger family of Glendale Mills.



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