Glendale Street Names

Many of the street names in Glendale have changed over the years. This sometimes makes it difficult to relate historical accounts about the town to correspond to modern day street names. The biggest changes to the names came shortly after 1949. The newly formed Glendale Ruritan Club had a project to improve the roads and streets and to make sure that all of the streets were marked. Part of this project involved changing the names of all the streets except three. The names of Broadway, Church and State Streets were not changed. The following changes were made:

Clifton Street became Chafin Street

East-line became Oakleaf but was later combined with Car-line Street into Wheeling Circle

Shady Street became Douglas Street

Cross-line and Bishop Hill were combined into one and became Jackson Street

Mill Street became Glendale Ave.

Holy Hill became Chapel Street

Sixteen Street became Highland Street

Highway By-pass became Stifel Road

Maps of the community, including the current street names, are shown on the link, Village Maps.
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