New Things Happening in Glendale and on this Website

Bridge Work Now Underway - August 17, 2017

Work has started on the renovation of the old iron Bridge in Glendale. You can read the details and see photos at Glendale Bridge Work Has Started.

More News about the Bridge Restoration Project - September 20, 2016.

Dr. B.G. Stephens has just released an update about the status of the project to renovate the Old Iron Bridge at Glendale. You can read this at Status of Glendale Bridge Project.

News about Restoring the Bridge - February 24, 2016

Plans have been in the works for a long time to restore the old iron bridge in Glendale. An article from the Spartanburg Herald on May 30, 2012 at describes what will be involved in the restoration. There has been a recent positive development about the project. Dr. B. G. Stephens, who has been heavily involved with the effort to redo the bridge, has given us along the following:

Glendale, SC Bridge Restoration Update: February 24, 2016

                                                                                            Chris Jordan, the SCDOT Project Administrator for the Glendale bridge restoration project, passed along this information:

                                                                                            Request for proposals will go out on or near June 14, 2016

                                                                                            Mandated pre-bid meeting will be in late July, 2016

                                                                                            Bids will be opened on or near August 14, 2016

                                                                                            In late September, 2016 the low bidder will be notified to proceed 

                                                                                            Project must be completed 18 months later (March, 2018)

 The renovated bridge will be a big asset to the community and will preserve a link to Glendale's historic past.

Local Book by Judge Bruce Littlejohn

Judge Bruce Littlejohn was a native of nearby Pacolet. He served as Chief Justice of the SC Supreme Court. In 2003, at the age of 90, he wrote about his childhood growing up in Pacolet in the book Pacolets I Have Known. Much of what he writes about was true also in Glendale at the time. You can read his book online at Judge Bruce Littlejohn.

Death of Rev. Clarence Crocker - Contributor to this Website

We are sad to report that Rev. Clarence Crocker passed away on May 29, 2015 at the age of 90. Rev. Crocker was an authority on the history of Glendale and its people. He authored approximately 250 articles for this website, the equivalent of several books. We appreciate all of his work and will miss his interesting stories. His death is a great loss to the Glendale community. Click on Rev. Crocker's Work Biography and the above link for more information.

Unusual Drone Views of Clifton, Glendale and Converse

We have recently become aware of some very interesting bird's eye views of Clifton, Glendale and Converse on YOU TUBE.

Birds Eye View of Glendale - about 1945

Rev. Clarence Crocker has furnished us an aerial photo of the Glendale Mill and village taken about 1945.  A legend identifying important locations is also included. (Posted on Feb. 5, 2015.)

Pacolet River Front Beach Opened at Clifton
New Spartanburg County Beach park opened at site of former Clifton Mills.

Paddle the Pacolet River

Spend the day paddling on the Pacolet River and eating BBQ. Click on the link above for details of the first "Paddle the Pacolet" event.

Importance of Bivingsville to the Spartanburg Area
        A Spartanburg County farmer kept a journal from 1855 to 1870. He tells how important Bivingsville was to his life and  the many services he found there. Read more about this at David G. Harris Journal.

Upstate Forever Meeting
The organization, Upstate Forever, held a recent meeting at Glendale. Click on Upstate Forever to read the Spartanburg Herald article about it.

Glendale Chronicles
Dr. B. G. Stephens has started issuing a periodic update on what is happening with the organizations and institutions affecting Glendale. Read the latest issue at Glendale Chronicles.

Bridge Renovation
It has been announced that the old iron bridge at Glendale will be renovated and restored at a cost of $600,000. The Palmetto Conservation Fund is working with Spartanburg County and the S.C. Department of Transportation to restore the bridge to its original appearance when it was first built about 1928. To read the full details in the Spartanburg Herald click on Renovating the Glendale Bridge

New Welcome Signs
Attractive new signs have been installed on the main roads into Glendale. See them at New Signs.

Webcam of Glendale Shoals Now in Operation
In April, 2012, a live video camera was installed with a view of Lawson's Fork and the shoals below the dam. This camera operates 24 hours a day and the view is available at  Lawson's Fork Camera.

Wofford College Wins Large Grant
Wofford's environmental studies program has received a $383,000 grant from the Margaret A. Cargill (MAC) Foundation to fund the initiative that will bring the college community together with local citizens to focus on local rivers that will include Lawson's Fork Creek. Read full story at Gargill Grant.

Wofford Hosts Symposium on Small Dams
Wofford has hosted "The Dam Symposium: Small-Scale Dams & Hydro from Three Perspectives" as part of the Santee Cooper Lecture Series on Sustainability & Energy.  The dam at Glendale is part of Wofford's Goodall Environmental Studies Center.  To learn more about the symposium, click on this link.

Scenic River Designation sought for Pacolet and Lawson's Fork Creek
Efforts are underway to secure having parts of the Pacolet River and Lawson's Fork Creek declared Scenic Rivers. This  is an important step in safeguarding the waterways and increasing tourism for the area. See details on the page, Scenic Rivers.

Outdoor Learning Center and Leadership School (Methodist Church Project)
In June, 2005, the Glendale United Methodist Church was closed by the South Carolina Methodist Conference because of declining attendence. The church building and surrounding property has been reborn and being utilized as an Outdoor Learning Center and Leadership School. This is a joint effort of people in the community and the Palmetto Conservation Foundation. The new Outdoor Center will provide recreational and educational opportunities both for local residents and for tourists and will help stimulate the local economy. Further details are available on their website at

Palmetto Conservation Foundation
The Palmetto Conservation Foundation also has moved its headquarters to Glendale. The mission of the Palmetto Conservation Foundation is to conserve South Carolina's natural and cultural resources, preserve historic landmarks, and promote outdoor recreation through trails and greenways. See additional information at:

Wofford Environmental Studies Center
Wofford College has established an Environmental Studies Center  operating from the former mill office. The full story of this unique Center and a photo of the office is shown at Wofford Environmental Studies Center.

The new program will combine existing and new courses, the diverse expertise of dozens of participating faculty members and state-of-the-art technologies and facilities. It will operate both on Wofford’s campus and at Glendale. 

Possible Future Projects
There are several projects that have been discussed but are only in the theoretical "What if?" stage.  Right now they are only in the discussion stage and might or might not become a reality.

Rebuild the lake and reservoir. For many years, there was a sizeable lake above the dam. The purpose of this dam was to provide a source of water power for the mill. Consideration and study is being given to rebuilding the lake. This would be a great source of recreation to the Glendale residents and visitors. The new lake would also be an asset for the Outdoor Center that is going to be in the former Methodist Church.

Build a working replica of the Iron Works. An operational replica of the old Iron Works would be a great tourist attraction and also an educational asset for the area's students. All of the details including where, how size, etc. still have to be worked out. However, if the Iron Works could be built, it would be unique in the state and the South.

Hydroelectric generation using the old dam. Install the proper equipment and use Lawson's Fork and the old dam to generate hydroelectric power to be used with the new projects, particularly the proposed Environmental Studies Center. This idea would be greatly enhanced if the lake and reservoir are  rebuilt. There are numerous potential problems in bringing this idea to a reality. They include financing, local, state and federal environmental regulations. If done, this project has the potential to eventually pay for itself and be a source of funds for the other projects.

(This old postcard shows how the lake looked in the early 1900's.)

B. G. Stephens is a native of Glendale and has been very active in the Friends of Glendale organization and assisting with the various exciting projects that are happening with the the community. He has accumulated a variety of material that  is pertinent to Glendale and the new projects and has arranged to make the material available on this web site. You can see a list of the material he has and gain access to it through links on the page, Glendale Reports.

This web site has been started as a public service to share the story of Glendale. The web master and person to contact about putting information on the web site is Mary McKinney Teaster.  Contact her at: or by telephone at (843) 873-8117.
See more information about Mary and her Glendale connection at Mary McKinney Teaster.