Unusual Views of Clifton, Glendale and Converse

We have recently become aware of some amazing videos showing a view of Clifton, Glendale and Converse almost never seen. These videos were taken by Mike Emory, mostly from a small drone, and put on YOU TUBE. They give an up-close bird’s eye view of the areas. Video No. 1 shows scenes from above the site of the former Clifton Mill #2. It shows the Pacolet River, the dam and the bridge. The second part of the video shows the area above and around where the Glendale Mill used to be. It has different views of Lawson’s Fork, the dam, the iron bridge, and the rocks below the dam. It gives a different view to go along with the Wofford webcam. Click on Clifton-Glendale Video to see this.

Mike has also done  video No. 2 specifically about Glendale. Click on Glendale from a Different Perspective to see this .

Video No. 3 is a wonderful view of Converse. It shows the old mill building, part of the Converse mill Village, the Pacolet River, the Hwy 29 bridge and the railroad trestle. There is an up close view of the old town water tank that could only have been taken from a drone. Click on Converse Video to see this.

We have also been informed of a very interesting video containing drone footage of Glendale on the Wofford website of the Goodall Environmental Studies Center. The video itself can be seen at Goodall  Glendale Video.

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