Reports Available Relating to Glendale

Offer from B.G. Stephens about sharing Glendale materials.

Stored on my computer are various reports, photos, maps, and other materials that relate to Glendale in some way. I have on occasions been asked about the availability of most of them.  Below is a list of what I have and all but one are now available on this web site. To see the material, click on the link below for the index number and title.  The movie, Item 124, is not on the web site at this time  Also, please let me know if there is something out there that you think might (or should) be available but is not indicated on the following list. My email address is (PDF files are done with Adobe Acrobat  and allow documents to be posted on the Internet.)

Glendale Reports, Maps, Photos, Slide Shows, Lists – May 2008

[100] Glendale, SC Citizens Listed by Name and Address – 18 pages , PDF (2008)
[101] Glendale Talk20 by B. G. Stephens, Hub-Bub Spartanburg – PDF (2007)
[102] Wofford Environmental Studies Program (short version) – 6 pages, PDF (April 2008)
[103] Glendale Park and Mill Post Card – 1 photo (ca 1920)
[104] Letter from Author Jordan Fisher Smith to Wofford president B.B. Dunlap - 2 pages, PDF (Sept. 2007)
[105] Wofford Environmental Studies Program Headquartered at Glendale – PDF (2008)
[106] School of the Shoals at Glendale as Proposed by Allyn Steele – 5 pages, PDF (2007)
[107] Friends of Glendale Description and Enrollment Sheet – 1 page , PDF(2008)
[108] Glendale: Past, Present, and Future – 4 pages, PDF (2007)
[109] Glendale History Developed for Urban Land Institute (ULI) – 1 page, PDF  (2008)
[110] AIA Blueprint SC Five Star Glendale Community Award, Background – 7 pages, PDF (2008)

       (List of active Internet links relating to Report 110)

[111] Glendale Time Line – 1 page, PDF (2008)
[112] Lawson’s Fork Watershed Map – PDF, 1 sheet (2007)
[113] AIA Glendale Slide Show – PDF (2007) . [This is a large file and takes a few minutes to load.]
[114] Chattanooga, TN Restored Walnut Street Bridge – 1 photo, PDF (2008)
[115] Bowling Green, KY Restored Bridge – 1 photo PDF (2008)
[116] Glendale Property Aerial View; Wofford, Palmetto Conservation (PCF), SPACE – 1 photo , PDF (2007)
[117] Lawson’s Fork at Flood Stage at Glendale – 1 photo, PDF (2007)
[118] AIA Spartanburg Press Release by Design Arts Partnership – email (2007),PDF (Part 1)
AIA Spartanburg Press Release by Design Arts Partnership – email (2007),PDF (Part 2)
[119] AIA Glendale Final Report –  PDF, 50 pages (2007)
[120] Glendale Outdoor Leadership School Planning Report – PDF, 36 pages (2006)
[121] Glendale Iron Works Restoration as Proposed by Gerald Teaster – 8 pages , PDF(2007)
[122] Glendale and Spartanburg Trolley (Electric Railway) System, 1900-1935 – PDF, 10 pages (1978)
[123] Restored Glendale Mill Office –PDF, 1 page
[124] AIA Glendale Movie (Whimsical) – 2 minutes (2007)
[125] Pacolet History Developed for Urban Land Institute (ULI) – 1 page, PDF(2008)
[126] Wofford’s Glendale Shoals Environmental Studies Institute Site Plan – PDF, 1 page (2007)
[127] Wofford's Glendale Shoals Sign
[128] Wofford's (ESP) Case Statement, PDF

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