Family of Joe Brown

Joseph (Joe) Alexander Brown (11 August, 1846 - 11 Jan. 1919) was the Postmaster at Glendale from around 1900 until his death at the age of 74. Joe married Margaret Elizabeth  Crocker (22 May, 1844 - 2 March, 1904) from another Glendale family. (See Crocker.)   Joe was a veteran of the Civil War and lost his left leg at the Battle of Gettyburg. It is believed that Joe served in the 61st. Virginia Infantry Regiment, Company G, of the Confederate army.

Joe and Margaret had the following children: daughters - Blanch (abt 1878- 13 Ja. 1967), who married a Crocker, Mintie (abt 1877 - 3 Apr., 1966), who married a Branch, and Mallie (17 Feb., 1877 - 3 April, 1951), who never married; sons-  Jesse, (17 July, 1887 - 19 Sept., 1955), Albert A. (10 Jan., 1874 - 11 April, 1942), and Eddie F. Brown (22 May, 1872 - 19 Oct., 1939). It is believed that most of the children worked in the Glendale mill at one time or another and all of them are buried in the Glendale Cemetery.

Click on this link, Mintie Brown Branch, for a photograph of Mintie and her obituary.

Click on this link, Obituaries, for the obituaries of Jessie, Mallie and Blanch.

Click on this link Eddie Brown's Decendants,  to read more about his family. Also click on the link, Eddie Brown Family, for a photo of Eddie Brown and his family. Also has the obituaries of him and his wife Ida and an individual photo of Eddie.

Joe served as Postmaster for about 18 years. Eventually, one of his daughters, Blanch Brown Crocker, also became the Glendale Postmaster.

Click on the link Joe Brown Obituaries to see two of the obituaries that were in the newspaper at the time of his death.

Photograph of Joe Brown  in his office at the Glendale Post Office.

( We are indebted to Mr. Tim Linder for making this story, the obituaries and the photographs available to us. Joe Brown was the great, great grandfather of Tim. Joe's son, Eddie Forest Brown was Tim's great grandfather. This Brown family is believed not to be related to "The Brown Family Number 1" shown in the Family Index. )

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