Cooksey Family

Boyd and Inez Cooksey, their daughter Mary Ella and son Buddy
(Taken in Glendale in the late 1930's.)

The following information on the Cooksey family was furnished by Richard (Mickey) Cooksey. Richard was born in Glendale in 1949 and grew up there. He lived in Glendale until 1978, when he moved to Georgia. He still owns a house in Glendale and plans to move back there when he retires in a few years.

Richard’s parents were Arthur Boyd Cooksey and Lillian Inez Millwood Cooksey. The Cooksey’s lived and worked in Converse before moving to Glendale in the early 1940’s. They lived in Glendale the rest of their life. Arthur worked in the Glendale Mill until it closed in 1961. They had three children, two boys and a girl. Richard is the youngest. His brother and sister are older and were born before the Cooksey's moved to Glendale. (The photo above show's Richard's parents and his brother and sister.)

Arthur Cooksey played textile league baseball when he was younger. He played for Converse before moving to Glendale. He became a pitcher for the Glendale team and was still playing in 1951. See his name listed along with some other members of the team at Glendale baseball. Richard has several mementoes from his dad’s playing days. He has a photograph of one of the mill teams and photos of his Dad’s glove and cleats.  See these and more about Arthur Cooksey at Cooksey Information. He also has a baseball autographed by the entire 1936 team. Click on the picture of baseball  below to see more photos and a list of the signatures on the ball.

Richard remembers playing basketball on the top floor of the gym. In the bottom of the building was the Post Office, Mr. Hammett’s Barber Shop, and The Cafe run by Mrs. Minton. They all connected to an area that had table tennis set up. There was a glass display case with all the trophys from the Glendale Ball Team.

Arthur Boyd Cooksey

Richard also furnished the photo, below, of another Glendale Grill from about 1966 that was in the bottom of the building of the old company store. The grill was run by Mr. Mason, the man standing on the left.

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