Arthur Boyd Cooksey and His Teams

The following information is the from the interesting book “Textile League Baseball- South Carolina’s Mill Teams 1880-1955” by Thomas K. Perry. It is published by McFarland and Company, Inc.

1934 Glendale (7-7): Harris, Allen, Gossett, Reese, Blanton, Moss, Gosnell, Bush, Bishop, Cudd, Boyd Cooksey, Hutchins, Alley, Rinehart, Ogle, Holt, Porter, Thomas, Green, Burnett, Bates.

1935 Glendale (7-11): Harris, Holt, Blanton, Bennett, Porter, Bates, Gosnell, Rhinehart, Morgan, Boyd Cooksey, I. Gossett, Hutchins, Rush, Bagwell, Linder, Hovis, Reeves, West, Alexander.

1936 Glendale, champions (15-5): Harris, Allen, Blanton, Anders, Porter, Bennett, Reed, Reeves, Millford, Boyd Cooksey, Hutchinson, Gosnell.

1937 Glendale (14-9): Rhymer, Boyd Cooksey, Hughes, Rush, Haven Clause, Smith, Harris, Allen, Ralph Gosnell, Buster Hair, Blanton, Thomas, Herbert Taylor, Linder, Blackwell, Jennings, Fowler, Scott, Paul Howell, Bush, Porter, Anders, A. Pace, Anderson, Wall, Ashmore, Hairston, L. Pace, Turner.

1938 Glendale (7-25): Hughey, Scott, Ralph Gosnell, Hensley, Fox, Haven Clause, Porter, Anders, Blanton, Riddle, Rush, J. Linder, Husky, Ramsey, Roy Prince, Harris, Osteen, B. Linder, R. Linder, Boyd Cooksey, Hendrix, A. Linder, Taylor, Cook.

1941 Converse (12-11): Lewis, Croxdale, Dick Evans, Fowler, Millwood, Shehan, Reid, Mathis, Boyd Cooksey, Thomas, Fletcher, John Earnhardt, Byars, Greene, Wood, Massey, Hopper, Arthur, Vernon, Whitfield.

1943 Clifton Rocks (3-26): Mathis, Art Fowler, Greene, Gosnell, Bridges, Chapman, Boyd Cooksey, Sprouse, T. Coggins, P. Mabry, B. Coggins, Adair, Collins, Martin, Massey, Evans, F. Mabry, Vernon, Jolly, Bullton, Pick, Pete Fowler, Birch, Burns.

1946 Converse (15-21): Croxdale, J. Gossett, Charles Reid, Y. Greene, Mathis, R. Arthur, Lee Greene, C. Fletcher, R. Gossett, Vernon, W. Greene, Reuben Reid, B. Gossett, King, Millwood, Pete Fowler, J. Fletcher, Stone, Collins, Hopper, Scott, White, Boyd Cooksey, Prathin.

1951 Glendale Browns (12-23): Hammett, Phillips, Bill Allen, Dick Ogle, Pete, Brown, Page, Chapman, Harvey, Parris, Jett, Harrison, Ralph Dillard, Lavender, Dempsey, Haynes, White, Harrison, Boyd Cooksey, Smith, Hicks.

1952 Abney of Spartanburg (18-8): Fortenberry, Satterfield, Boyd Cooksey, W. Blackwell, Wilson, Bogan, Lunny, Ashemore, Watson, Taylor, Belue, E. Blackwell, Broome, Byers, Cox, Callahan, Page, Freland, Wood, Sloan, James, Bobo, Crowder.

1953 Spartan, champions (10-0): Guy, R. Roberts, G. Roberts, Boyd Cooksey, Gwinn, Brewington, Deal, Johnson, Fowler, Jackson, Colerick, Schultz.


1936 Glendale Team

Boyd Cooksey's Spikes and Glove are shown in the photos below. Notice that that the small flat glove of the past is very different than the larger, formed gloves of today.

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