The individual stories of some of  the people who were Glendale residents or who were associated with Glendale have been collected and are told on this web site. Click on their name for their story.

McKinney, Andrew Jackson and Addie Corn
McKinney, John Henry and Gladys Chaffin
McKinney, John Thomas and Susan Cannon
McKinney, Mary Lee (Teaster)
McKinney, William Andrew and Hilda Olive
Quinn, Will
Stephens, Bobbie (Bob) Gene
Stephens, June Elaine (Bowman)
John Taylor Varner, Sr.


There is another  web site about Glendale that gives interviews with three long term Glendale residents. Their stories are at:

Ms Sibil Bagwell, Daughter of Glendale Mill Superintendent (

Willene Martin, Glendale Resident and Mill Employee

Mr. Ernest Alley, long time resident
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This web site has been started as a public service to share the story of Glendale. The web master and person to contact about putting information on the web site is Mary McKinney Teaster.  Contact her at: or by telephone at (843) 873-8117. See more information about Mary and her Glendale connection at Mary McKinney Teaster.