Photos of the Swimming Pool

In the 1930s, in conjunction with the W.P.A., Mr. Lindsey Swofford, mill paymaster, had a large pool built in the company pasture behind the upper cemetery which became known as The Boy Scouts Swimming pool and was very popular. It was a beautiful place. The grounds were covered by grass, like well kept lawns. Several concrete picnic tables and benches were scattered over the grounds. Read Glendale Swimming Pool for more details.

The upper end of the pool was very shallow to allow children to wade in the waters. A diving board was mounted on the dam. The sides and dam of the pool were made of concrete. The bottom was natural gravel and dirt. Fed by springs in the pasture, the water was clear as crystal and almost as cold as ice water. Large bathrooms stood along side the pool in which one was to bath before entering the pool. Though persons of both genders were allowed to visit the pool grounds at any time, separate days were assigned for the ladies and men to swim.

The Pentecostal Church in the community used the pool from time to time to baptize their converts and members.

 Mr. Gerald Quinn, who grew up in Glendale,  has furnished a number of photos of the pool as it exists in recent times. Unfortunately, all that remains are the ruins of what once was a fine facility. They are shown below.

Stone steps leading down to the pool area.

Remains of the concrete and stone picnic tables and benches.

Another view of the remains of the concrete and stone picnic tables and benches.

Another view of the remains of the concrete and stone picnic tables and benches.

This tree grows in the bottom of what was the swimming pool.

The dam at the deep end of the pool. One of the sides can be seen overgrown by bushes and trees.

Another view of the dam at the deep end. The holes in the dam had to be closed so that the pool would fill.

Different view of the dam at the deep end.

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