Glendale Community Cemetery Fund 

Many of the folks buried in the Glendale cemeteries no longer have relatives living in the Glendale community. As a result, many of the graves and the cemeteries in general often lacked care and upkeep. As a result, in 1994, Martha Crocker Dearybury, Donnie and Ronnie Ward  organized a Glendale re-union which was  held in the old Mill Store area to raise funds for Cemetery purposes. There were about 1,000 folks that showed up for the first reunion, From that beginning, The Glendale Cemetery Committee was organized and a Fund was set up. Each year funds are raised through stews, selling videos, books and solicitation to care for the cemetery. With these funds, they have been able to change the old rutty dirt road through the cemetery into a nice, smooth, paved road. They have placed barrels for waste collection along the road side and have kept the grass mowed. Martha died in 2008 and today Donnie and Ronnie along with other volunteers are carrying the good work on.

The first Saturday night  of February, for many years, has been set as the time for the Glendale Graveyard Soup and Stew Supper.  This also is a reunion for folks with ties to Glendale. Last February, there were about 400 attendees.

The annual Meeting and Supper for the Glendale Community Graveyard Commitee for this year, 2011, will be held on Feb. 5, 2011 starting at 5 pm. For more details see Supper Form. This form can be printed out and mailed with your check or donation.

We solicit new members of the commitee and welcome contributions. Reminders of each years event are usually mailed about 30 days before the date. You may join or be assured that you will be sent a reminder if you send your address to:

Glendale Community Cemetery Fund
PO Box 96
Glendale, S.C. 29346

Glendale History Books Still Available

The wonderful book, GLENDALE, a Pictorial History, is still available in a very limited number from the Glendale Community Cemetery Fund. It is believed that the committee has all the remaining copies from Mike Hembree. These books are keepsakes, out of the two (2)  to three (3) thousand or so published by Mr Hembree and Paul Crocker, there are only about 35 left.  Click on this link to see the book cover.

Books may be ordered, as long as they last, at the same address, and will be shipped prepaid upon receiving a Post Office Money Order or bank cashier's check for $20.00.  This is the same price they were sold them for at the 1994 Glendale Reunion, first day they were for sale. If the supply is exhausted, any order payments will be promptly returned to the sender.
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