The James Robert Ward Family 

The Wards came from the Cullowhee area of western NC near Sylva and the Indian reservation. They came from the mountains in the early 1900’s, first to Pacolet, and then to Glendale.  Romulus Ward ( twin brother to James Robert (Bob) Ward) lived many years on Brewster St. in Pacolet near the ball park.  He had a son, Ronald, who was later on the Pacolet police force for a while.

Elsie and Bob Ward were married in a corn field near Trough Shoals, SC by Rev Holland, a farmer/Preacher.  He was the Glendale Baptist Church minister at the time.  This was around 1922.

Bob Ward worked from the time he was about six or seven years old in the Card Room until the middle of the 2nd WW.  He was born premature and his lungs did not develop as they should. He had to leave the mill after a bad brown lung attack.  He went to work in the Company Store when he recovered but always suffered from shortness of breath after that.  Bob also worked part time after work or weekends for Mr. Big Jim Bagwell ( the brother to the Mill Superintendent) in his small candy store located directly across the field on the right from the original parsonage, next door to Roy and Nellene Alley’s home.  He also worked with Ellis Hunter in the store he ran across from the Cemetery.  (Where the Crocker Memorial Church is now).

Elsie Coates Ward went to work in the Spinning Room at about 9 or 11, as soon as she could reach the bobbins of the roving.  She worked until she retired, usually working the night shift, so someone would be home all the time with the children.

James Robert Ward
was born in Wilkes Co. NC on April 22, 1903. Elsie Mae Coats was born in Glendale, SC on Nov. 29, 1907.  They were married in 1922.  Bob and Elsie had nine children, all born in Glendale.   They were:
Frances, a girl who died in childhood

Richard Harrison, born 1926, married to Ann Jackson, one child, Richard, Jr.

Elsa Madge, born 1930, married to Gene Fowler, three children, Yvonne, Carol, and Tom, 2nd married to Ted Walker

Bobby Jean born in 1932, married Dupree Seals, four children, Jan, James, John, Ellen.  2nd husband Tom O’Grady

Paul Donnie born 1935, married Joyce Yvonne Mabry, 5 children, Carmen Gail, Lydia Sue, Paul Donnie, Jr., Cynthia

James Ronnie born 1935, married Ann Webber

Jack Smith, born 1937, died 1938

Boyce Kenneth, born 1938, married to Janet Elaine Cash, , four children,  Robert, Kim, Richard A., Christy

Judy Carol born 1940, married to Larry Lee, three children, Dawn, Noel, Shawn

Nettie Dianne born 1947, married Wayne Wilkins, three children, Robert M., Jeffrey, Jay
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