On March 20, 2004, a catastrophic fire destroyed the Glendale Mill.

(Picture of the mill before the fire. Picture taken around 1910).
The following photographs were taken by Mr. Terry Gilmer during the fire.  We appreciate him making these photographs available to this website. Click on the small photograph to see a larger view.

Photo 1 (This photograph was taken from almost the same vantage point as the 1910 photo above.)
There is an unusual figure in one of the windows in this photo that  some have called the "Fire Witch". Click on the following link and see for yourself. The Fire Witch.  The website held a contest for the best story by a student and adult about the Fire Witch. Click on the link to see who won and to read the stories. Writing Contest.

                Photo 2

                Photo 3

 Photo 4

Photo 5
Photo 6

                Photo 7
        Photo 8
        Photo 9
        Photo 10

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