Photo of Sgt. Robert P. Emerson at Glendale

This is a photograph of  Robert P. Emerson  of Chester County, Pennsylvania taken while he was in basic training  at Camp Croft. The photo was made on the rocks below the dam at Glendale sometime in the spring of  1941.

When this photo was made, Robert was 22 years old. There is a sad footnote to this photograph. Robert did not survive the war. He was wounded in France on August 10, 1944 and died of his wounds two days later on August 12.  At the time of his death,  Robert was a Sergeant  in the 28th Recon Troop, Mechanized, of the Pennsylvania 28th National Guard Infantry Division.

There is very interesting website  honoring Robert at  ( There is also a site that gives many more personal photographs about Robert and his family and friends. It is at  (

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