Glendale Christmas Memories

We feel Glendale is a special place and Christmas at Glendale is special also. We would like to provide a place on the website for people to share their Christmas stories. We invite you to send us stories of your Christmas memories at Glendale. The stories do not have to be elaborate. Just write the stories as you remember them. (Even though we call it Glendale Christmas Memories, we also invite Christmas stories from the other textile towns around Spartanburg like Pacolet, Drayton, Jonesville, etc.)

We offer the following  hints or tips to help you get started. Consider:
Your  best Christmas? Your worst? The most unusual?
The earliest Christmas you can remember?
When did Santa Clause come?
Did your family have a tree? Where did you get it?
Did your family have any special  Christmas traditions? Special foods?
We especially encourage children and grandchildren to ask the older members of the family to tell about Christmas when they were young. Send your stories and any photos to me at at the website at  or via regular mail at:

Mary Teaster
1311 Jahnz Ave.
Summerville, SC

We will try to publish all of the stories we receive. 

To read the Christmas Stories now online click on Christmas Memories.

To read about the distribution of Christmas Gift Bags to company employees, click on Gift Bags.

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This web site has been started as a public service to share the story of Glendale. The web master and person to contact about putting information on the web site is Mary McKinney Teaster.  Contact her at: or by telephone at (843) 873-8117. See more information about Mary and her Glendale connection at Mary McKinney Teaster.