Barbara (Bobbie) Ann McKinney Dunagin

Bobbie was born to William Andrew (Bill) McKinney and Hilda Olive McKinney on November 16, 1934.  She was born in Columbus, Ga.  Bill was from Glendale and Spartanburg County.  Hilda was from Columbus.  Bill had gone there to get work and met Hilda and they were married in 1932.  Bobbie was their first child.  Shortly after her birth they moved to East Cleveland Street in Spartanburg.  Bobbie was blonde and blue eyed

As sisters we had our “disagreements”, most of the whippings we got were for fighting.  Bobbie was a stay in the house person and I was an outside person.  Therefore, when something needed to be done quickly, Mama could find her and not me.  I thought it was a pretty good plan but she did not agree. She learned to sew and made many of her own clothes.  Being in the house, she also learned to cook from our mother and grandmother.  She was an excellent cook.  

She grew up to be about 5 ft. 6 blonde, blue eyed, pretty, shy, young lady.  She was in the first class going to Pacolet instead of Spartanburg High School.  I think she was disappointed and had looked forward to going to the city school.  Some of her best friends for life were Roberta Bradley, Suzanne Lovelace, Kay Gilmer, and Bobby Stephens.  All of them except Suzanne (who was in the Spartanburg district) graduated from Pacolet High School in 1953. 

Before she graduated, our cousin, Charles Hammett had introduced her to a local guy from Zion Hill, Ben Dunagin.  Ben was the one for her.  They got along very well.  Ben had trouble telling my mother’s, mine and Bobbie voice on the phone.  Once he said something endearing to what he thought was Bobbie and got a bit of Hilda’s sharp tongue.  Forever after, he asked who he was speaking to immediately.  

They were married at Preacher Hottel’s house in June of 1954.  They moved into a house on Ben’s father’s land.  Ben worked on the farm and in the family dairy business.  Bobbie worked as a secretary in an elementary on the east side of Spartanburg.  Soon, along came Benny their first child.  Bobbie continued working for a little while but quit work when in a year and a half Billy arrived.  Even though the first two children were close together, it was several years before Suzanne arrived and then later Rebecca.  Four children made a house full and sometime during all the life they built a nice brick home on the Sloans Grove Road near the Dunagin family home.

Bobbie worked beside Ben in all their enterprises on the farm.  At one time, they raised strawberries and also gladiolas.  She worked in the fields and in the selling part of the projects. Later, they established the greenhouse that they still have now.  Always having a flair for color and doing things with her hands, this was just right for her.  As a child in elementary and middle school age, she became quite an artist.  The onset of teenage life left this talent by the wayside.  I often wondered what she could have accomplished if she had continued with it.

Bobbie and Ben and the family were faithful members of the Glendale Baptist Church. Bobbie served in the church where ever she was needed and raised her family there.  The girls, in their teen years, played the violin and often played in the services.  They were all enthusiastic members and workers at the church.

All the children married and contributed eight grand children to make a large and happy family. Bobbie passed away in May of 2000 after a long and hard illness.  She is sadly missed by all her immediate family, her extended family and her church family and friends.

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